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       Tips for London Travellers




  • Choose the right hotel for your budget. London is generally about 20-35 percent more expensive than most other major cities in the world and hotel accommodation is no exception. Decide your budget and book accordingly.

  • Look for the hotels closest to where you need to be. If you are travelling on leisure, this is not a big problem as the tube connection is very good. You can reach anywhere by hoping on a tube. If on business, plan to get up early. London is no fun during rush hour unless you are not in a hurry.

  • The weather is quite unpredictable. Monitor the forecast, but do not expect miracles. Just take a good mixture of clothing or lots of money to buy new ones!

  • Not all hotels in London have air-conditioners - especially the small and townhouse category. If this is important to you (depending on the period) request one for your stay. It will not be guaranteed, but if you don't ask, you don't get!

  • Take your hair-drier. The hotel may well have one in the bathroom, but if they don't, what will you do?

  • If you use a laptop, take an adapter. Some hotels rooms have them, but you can't be too sure.

  • If you are planning on touring the City, wear sensible shoes and clothing. It can get very tiring and uncomfortable. Avoid sore feet.

  • Make your travels cheap. Get a one-day travel card or ask at the local tube station the best options for you. You will be amazed how much you will save.

  • There are restaurants everywhere and some excellent food. Pick-up a leaflet from your hotel. You will save some money on your food.

  • If you are using a hired car, check for parking. London is notorious for clamping or tow aways. It will cost you a fortune if you're not wary.

  • If you like museums, check for times when entrance is free.

  • Plan early and ask relevant questions. We are very helpful people and will give you all the assistance you need.

              Have a nice journey!..








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